The Guys, The Roses, and The Regrets

“Grace has created a book that connects with her peers, tackles the tough topics, and offers authentic, heartfelt advice that every young woman agonizing over relationships should hear.”
Lisa Nichols, Life Coach, Star of The Secret, and Author

At seventeen years old, Grace wrote, published, and marketed her book The Guys, The Roses & The Regrets. Upon its release on Valentines’ Day 2009, The Guys, The Roses & The Regrets became an Amazon Best-Seller.

The Guys, The Roses, and The Regrets is available on Amazon

The Guys, The Roses, and The Regrets offers practical tips and real-life stories that will help teenage girls and young women navigate the crazy world of dating, relationships, and breakups.

Grace has lived through good and bad relationships and made it her mission to help teenage girls everywhere understand their amazing qualities and experience wonderful, healthy, love-filled relationships. With the helpful insight provided in this guidebook, any young woman dazed and confused by the sometimes overwhelming world of dating can learn to live an independent and regret-free life surrounded by wonderful relationships.